Viktor Toporov

Web Designer & Front-End Developer

Who am I?

I'm Viktor Toporov and I'm a web designer and front-end developer. I live and study in Ruse, Bulgaria and coding is my hobby and passion.

I have worked on many different projects from C# and Java to PHP, Angular and React.



I have excellent knowledge and enormous experience with both HTML and CSS including libraries like Bootstrap and SASS.


I have a lot of experience with pure JavaScript as well as jQuery.


I have worked on several projects that rely on React and Node.js so I have enough experience with them.


Many of my projects, if not all, required a database so I have considerable experience with SQL. Also, I have a great deal of experience with PHP.


In addition to my coding skills I also have a lot of experience with Photoshop and image editing.


Screenshot from Science Clash
Screenshot from Science Duels
Screenshot from an e-shop
Screenshot from an e-shop
Screenshot from an e-shop

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